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Character Network

We are very excited to announce BUILDING CHARACTER, BUILDING SUCCESS – a super-charged, peer recognition program designed to reward students who display good character (i.e., demonstrated excellence in the “attribute”, or “super-power” category of the month).

Leading the way (on DVD), is our very own quirky, super-hero “QUAZAR’, who is a combination of “Lisa Simpson”, “Fairly Odd Parent” and “The Great Gazoo” (from the Flintstones, for us baby-boomers).  

The purpose of the program is twofold:
1. To educate and encourage students to demonstrate positive character attributes, and in turn to become champions of:  respect, responsibility, empathy, kindness & caring, teamwork, fairness, honesty, cooperation, integrity and perseverance.
2. To encourage students to vote for their peers when they see or experience the monthly attribute (super-power) in action (eg. respect).

The combination of these two things will motivate students towards strong, positive characteristics which will help them build positive relationships now and well into the future.  One attribute/super-power will be featured each month.

To further help your child learn about the monthly attributes, please use them in conversation and point out examples of them in action whenever possible.

Last Modified: Dec 21, 2012
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