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Dress Code

Dress Code
The standards for dress at the school are based on common sense and are intended to support the comfort, safety and modesty of all students.  There is a strong relationship between neat, clean and appropriate clothing and a positive learning environment.  We recognize that different forms of dress are appropriate in different situations.  Clothing that may be appropriate at home, at the beach, or for an evening out may not be appropriate for school.  Therefore, all members of the school community must dress in a way that is consistent with a scholarly tone, reflecting personal pride and respect for others.

Members of the school community are required to:
be neat, clean and well-groomed in overall appearance
appropriate foot wear is to be worn at all times- please ensure that students have both indoor and outdoor footwear
comply with specific program, and health and safety policies
Recommended gym attire includes indoor running shoes, loose clothing and a change of clothes (top and bottom)
Labs and kitchens to include safety glasses, oven mitts and aprons
Be adequately covered to be consistent with a modest scholarly school tone

Members of the school community must refrain from:
Wearing clothing displaying offensive language and/or profanity
Wearing clothing displaying content that is offensive to any individual or group (i.e. Racist, sexist, or homophobic)
Wearing clothing that promotes unlawful activities or unwholesome life styles
Wearing clothing reflective of violent or anti-social culture, including but not limited to steel toe caps, gang related symbols or insignias
Wearing clothing that is unduly distracting including but not limited to dress that is sexually provocative, torn or ragged
Wearing clothing that is unhealthy or unsafe (i.e. Bare feet, metal or other sharp accessories)

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