Perth Road Public School is committed to providing a student centred, safe, caring and inclusive school community that promotes collaboration, innovation and excellence in teaching and learning.  Our School will inspire our students to become life-long learners and responsible citizens in a positive and engaging environment that will meet the unique needs of all individuals.

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Perth Road Public School Staff - 2016-2017

Administrative Staff:
Principal- Allison Croth
Office Co-ordinator- Joanne Baxter
Caretaking staff- Don Pollard, Russ Elmer (evenings)
Student Support:
SST- Charlene Hendricks
Educational Assistants- Stephanie Anger, Julie Dier, Carrie Amodeo, Suzanne Casement
Primary Division:
Mandy Aylesworth
Amanda Burns
Sandra Colborne
Sarah Andre
Steve Dobiech
Jeff Lloyd
Junior Division:
Christina Aylesworth
Rick De Wys
Mike Depew
Lindsay Hilton
Intermediate Division:
Brendon Robb
Scott Martin
French/Planning Coverage:
Sylvia Bumstead
Jenny Hollinsworth
Hannah Roth
Charlene Hendricks