Hybrid Learning for Students

Hybrid Learning for students
Posted on 11/03/2021
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Periods of Remote Learning and LDSB Hybrid Learning Model

When students are not able to attend their classroom in-person due to COVID-19, students/families have the option to join their classroom synchronously online via Microsoft Teams virtual meetings. Educators can help determine, with the family and the school administrator how/when streaming will occur in the classroom to best support the student.

There may be occasions where, for reasons determined by a family, they may opt out of in-person and/or virtual (online) learning. In these cases, asynchronous learning via the class learning management system, (D2L Minds Online, Microsoft Teams) and paper-based learning activities will be provided to students based on the choice of the parent(s)/guardian(s). Although asynchronous learning doesn't share the benefits of synchronous instruction, it is a way to keep students connected and engaged in the learning.

Teachers of classes that have been dismissed by Public Health have been connecting with families to determine the preferred type of learning for each student. For more information about the LDSB Hybrid Learning model please use the link. If you have questions about joining an in-person classroom synchronously from home, please feel free to contact School Administration.

Technical Support

• Students who require a device to join an in-person classroom synchronously from home, and/or to engage in some asynchronous learning will be given a student device from the school. Please connect with your student’s classroom teacher to make arrangements.

• Students who require an Internet hotspot to join an in-person classroom synchronously from home will be provided one for the duration of the period of hybrid learning. Please call the school office to make arrangements so that the hotspot can be requested through the ITS department.

• Students and parents/guardians can access technical support for hybrid learning by calling the LDSB ITS Support Centre at 613-417-3559 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, or email [email protected].