School Climate Goals


Learning is more powerful when we build relationship, think critically, innovate together, solve interesting problems, challenge ourselves and learn from each other.

School Climate Goals:
We will create a safe caring and inclusive school climate conducive to learning where:
•Students will improve their self-regulation skills
•Students will increase their awareness of strategies to reduce anxiety
•Students will improve their self-image and confidence as learners (the ability to take risks, persevere, challenge oneself)
•Students will increase their capacity to manage social situations and small problems

•We will continue with early identification and ongoing intervention for socio-emotional and self regulation needs.
•We will implement a school wide focus on self regulation strategies.
•We will teach mindfulness and problem solving strategies (Kelso's Choices, WITS, LEADS Fourth R).
•We will maintain a restorative, MENDing approach to address issues following a progressive discipline model.
•We will improve our communication with families though an investigation into a variety of technologies.
•We will increase the number of opportunities that students have to voice their opinions and contribute to the success of their school.